YouTube’s Latest Mobile App for Content Creators & Crowdfunding

World’s largest video sharing site has given good news for content creators. In upcoming few months, YouTube is going to launch a new mobile app to make the YouTube accessibility easy for users. By using this app you can manage your channel from everywhere through your Smartphone.

Isn’t it interesting that you can upload and manage your video on YouTube just by few clicks via this fabulous mobile App? In its official YouTube creator blog, Matt Glotzbach, the video sharing site’s director of creator product management has announced about the launching of this app for all Smartphone users.

Watch YouTube’s first creator preview video. In this video, Glotzbach and other YouTube employees are talking about the new content creator app.

Apart from this new app, YouTube is also coming with some other fresh features. Have a look on them–

  • A way to create the title and captions for your videos in more than 60 languages.
  • A new Crowdfunding feature to collect fund for your favorite artist on YouTube.  Apart from Ad revenue, this feature will give another option to earn money for filmmakers and original content creators.
  • New Comment management system, in which musicians can share in revenue from their eligible cover song videos, and extension of its Creator Academy.

So, next time whenever you are on the go and enjoying your holidays, you can quickly record short memorable videos and upload them on YouTube right then and there.

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