XT808 Flashlight Reviews & Tactical LED Price for Sale Amazon

Primitive Survivors XT808 Tactical Flashlight is a high performing torch for all the tactile needs of army and military veterans and for average adults for their day-to-day needs.


By now you probably have seen advertisement of a number of tactile flashlights, but there are chances that you might not have heard about the most sought after and ultimate tactile flashlight that made its debuts in the market recently.  The XT808 Tactical LED Flashlight is among the best flashlight available in the market and is sold by one of the best online retailer which has marked its special name in the realm of survival/outdoor gears. Let us introduce you to it in more detail through this review.


About The XT808 Tactical Flashlight

XT808 Tactical Flashlight is one of a kind of flashlight which is designed to suit special needs of army personals and military veterans. Having a durable body and water resistant lens and more than 10 thousand lamp hours it remains by your side for many years to come. Being compact in size and light weight, you can carry it easily with yourself on the toughest terrains and caverns. It has bright lamps that can be your guide on the darkest streets, tunnels or any other place where there is no source of light. This high performance torch is a perfect pick for any tactile needs or for day to day usage. With an adjustable zoom beam it can pinpoint an object or show you the way up to 500 meters. 


Special Features of XT808 Tactical Flashlight

Before investing your money in a tactile flashlight it is important to note with what features the concerned product is equipped. Primitive Survivors XT808 Tactical LED Flashlight is laced with an unmatchable quality and some of the outstanding features that you will find nowhere else. The features and specs that make this product worth buying are listed as:

  • It is 5.1 inches long  but can be extendedup to 6.18 inches
  • Made using aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, it is durable and long lasting
  • It come with 5 pre-set modes: low, medium, high , SOS and strobe light modes
  • The lens is waterproof and scratch resistant
  • It has adjustable focusing beam which is combined with up to 2000x focus
  • Equipped with Cree XM-L LED emitter
  • Has lamp life of 100,000 hours with rechargeable batteries

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Why You Should Buy It?

Manufactured by a leading supplier Primitive Survivors, this flashlight is boated by some specials features that make it an ultimate product for military and army use. This waterproof, durable and long lasting flashlight is made of high grade material and is considered to be the best among its counterparts. A perfect pick outdoor adventures, protection and in case of emergency, it has affordable price for any average adult and is


Where can I buy XT808 Tactical LED Flashlight?

The easiest and secured way to make your purchase of XT808 Tactical Flashlight is to go online and click on the product’s official webpage. Feel lucky to grab the offer of 75% off by making your purchase now.


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