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Digital Talks is a blogging site and we post every thing related to SEO, SMO, latest technology, Internet/Digital Marketing, Website development tips and tricks etc. Therefore, if you have any unique idea related to these topics then contact us. We will happy to post your blog on our website.

Guidelines for Successful Posting on Digital Talks -

1. Your article should be well written and 100% unique on the web i.e it must not be submit elsewhere.
2. The length of your article should be 550-1200. If your article is ultimate, then we can consider the length limits.
3. Divide the post into paragraph and points to make it more reader friendly.
4. If you want to use images in your post to make it more attractive then mention the image source.
5. Do reply on the users comment on your published guest post.

6. Yes, we allow up to 2 backlinks (Not Affiliate links) in one post. But it should be in author section only.

How can you write for us?

It’s very simple to become a contributor on our site. If you have any idea in your mind, then you can contact us or send us email : digitaltalksonline@gmail.com

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