Uncovering the Reasons Why Google Chose ABC.XYZ for Alphabet Inc.

A lot of experts in the SEO and domain name business have been wondering why Google decided to pick ABC.YYZ as the domain name for Alphabet Inc.

Google Alphabet

If you check out the website ABC.XYZ, you will see a memo from Google co-founder Larry Page which basically talks about the company’s commitment to novel and advanced ideas and why Alphabet Inc. has become a separate entity.

A lot of speculations have been going around in regards to the SEO value of Google deciding to pick this domain name. We are left to wonder:

  1. Is dot com already completely saturated to the point that they could no longer find a good domain name?
  2. Why didn’t they pick from one of its latest top level domains? They applies for more than a hundred.
  3. Why isn’t Google supporting its own spaces?

It would appear that there are now new rules on choosing domain names and the search engine giant has just shown us the way.

Currently, there are literally thousands of possibilities for top level domain which means you really should start by getting a full understanding of your company’s purpose when choosing a name.

Because it looks like this is what Google did with ABC.XYZ. Keep in mind that the objective of this company is to separate what they would consider as high risk investments from the company’s core business so that they can paint a healthier financial picture to Wall Street.

In his letter, Larry Page wrote and I quote:

“We liked the name Alphabet because it means a collection of letters that represent language, one of humanity’s most important innovations, and is at the core of how we index with Google search.”

It would appear that with the name and intent of the company Alphabet, it matches well with the notion of ABC and XYZ.

That said, when picking a company domain name, it’s actually a good idea to pick ABC.XYZ if you can find an .XYZ top level domain. It seems quite the ideal match which is precisely the opportunity that new domains present to businesses that want to pick new domain names.

From an SEO Perspective, is ABC.XYZ a Smart Idea?

If you search for the word “Alphabet” on Google, you will find that Google is currently running an ad for ABC.XYZ under the headline G is for Google –abc.xyz.

There are articles written about this which includes Google’s very own blog and they will come up during your search but you will likely notice that the website itself (ABC.XYZ) will not appear in the organic rankings on Page 1.

Google also did not give an organic enhancement to the announcement it made but instead paid for an ad. But if you search ABC XYZ on Google you will see the website in the search results.

But this just makes us think of the possibility of completely bypassing search engines. If you know the name already (ABC XYZ) then perhaps it would be better to just type the URL directly. If this is the case, then don’t you think it would be better to pick a domain name that is memorable and simple?

Does It Affect the Rules and Guidelines for Naming Domains?

I want to set one thing straight here – the dot com era is still here. However, it’s changing. We are still in love with the concept of a dot com being the leading domain name but now that we know Google has veered away from it then this certainly signals some changes in the future.

There are a lot of name spaces which means that companies do not have to settle for a dot com for their domain name. Rather, they can choose a name that cleverly represents their company name (as in ABC.XYZ for Google’s Alphabet) or they can also choose a name that relates to their business.

So, it is possible to choose a name that signifies your business as in .CONSTRUCTION, .STYLE, .SHOP, and so on.

Obviously we are still waiting to see how choosing a new top level domain will affect the response of algorithms but if you think about it, even Google does not see it as a threat. Now that we have come to an era wherein we can choose domain names, it would seem that the objectives of a company can now be a top consideration for a name instead of just focusing on dot com options. Seeing this from an SEO standpoint, if the domain name matches what people are looking for, then that is of course a good thing.

What do you think of this new development? Please share your opinion below.

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