Difference Between Naked, Branded and Optimized Links

Many peoples have confusion between naked links, branded links and optimized link. In this post, I want to clarify the difference between these three.

Naked Links :-

The Naked links are those links in which hypertext and hyperlinks both are same. As on http://www.example.com/, hyperlink is http://www.example.com/ and hypertext is also http://www.example.com/. In short, a link around http:// format called Naked Link.

Optimized Links :-

If your link is around your targeted keyword then it’s called Optimized link. In these type of links you optimize your link for a particular keyword. For example, if the hyperlink is www.digitaltalks.info and hypertext is “Latest Blogs” then yor Optimized Link will looks like “Latest Blogs”.

There is one more type of link in SEO called Branded Link.

Branded Links :-

When your link is around your brand name then it’s called branded links. In these type of links the hyper text must be your brand name. An example of this type link is Digital Talks, on which hyper link is www.digitaltalks.info.


In post-penguin age, Google is giving the priority to Naked and Branded links. For better link building, you have to maintain a ratio of 1:4 between Optimized Links and Naked/Branded link.

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