What is Landing Page and How to Optimize It?

Your website is the key to your success as a business, and your landing page is the key to the success of your website. Therefore, the more successful your website is, the more successful your business is going to be.

What is the Landing Page?

The landing page of your website is simply the first page of your site that your visitors are directed to. However, if the primary landing page for your ads is your home page, you are probably losing a lot of valuable conversions. If you aren’t optimizing the landing page, you are missing out on a lot of potential revenue. By creating specific landing pages for the different marketing channels you are after, you can customize your marketing message and help maximize your revenue.

  • Your Quality Score

Google AdWords uses something called Quality Score. It is a key factor in determining the position of your ads. Your Quality Score is determined mostly by how relevant your keywords, advertising copy and landing pages are to Google search queries. The more relevant they are, the higher your quality score will be. And the higher your quality score is, the higher your ad placement will be.

  • The Bounce Rate

The percentage of visitors to your website who leave after viewing only one page is called your bounce rate. When you design your landing page for your target audience, your bounce rate can decrease significantly. By fine-tuning keyword research and writing the best ad copy possible but forgetting to create a landing page that speaks to what your target audience is searching for is a disastrous mistake. You will wind up spending more money getting clicks and getting a lot fewer conversions.

Optimized Landing Pages


  • Headlines that Speak

The visitors to your website have clicked through to it because they have been compelled to do so by your ad. You’ve done a great job getting them there. And when they arrive at your page, they expect to see a headline that speaks to them like your original ad did. Your headline should tell them what the benefits are of your company and incorporate keywords that have snared them through their search process. Now you need to not only grab their attention but hold it as well, otherwise you’re going to lose their interest quickly.

  • A Reputable Brand

People are a lot more likely to order from you when they have confidence that you are a reputable brand and can be trusted. If you are just starting out in a business or think that you are just a small fish in a big pond, don’t worry – there are lots of ways that you can build trust and confidence beyond just sharing the number of clients that you have.

  • Associations & Certifications

If you belong to associations that enhance your credibility, be sure to include the information in your website. Certifications will show off your expertise. Customer testimonials and good reviews will provide peace-of-mind. Displaying good renewal rates will show brand loyalty. All of these build credibility and confidence, helping potential customers to make purchase decisions that make you money.

  • Content & Navigation

Since your content is specifically targeted to your particular campaign, what you don’t want to do is make it difficult for visitors to find what they need. Be sure to keep your navigation simple and focused. Don’t fall into the trap of showing them everything you have right up front. Be sure to focus on closing the sale, that’s the important thing. It’s easier and cheaper to sell a customer you already have than it is to try and convince a new one to join the fold. If you already have them on the hook, make sure the navigation is focused on reeling them in. Avoid pop-ups and anything else distracting at all costs. Make it easy for visitors to learn more and keep things clean and simple, directed to the end you want.

Close the sale with a clear call-to-action that will compel your visitors to act. At the beginning, when you design your landing page, you need to start with this end goal in mind. If you want your visitors to place an order, or request a quote, or fill out a contact form, then your call-to-action should be prominent on your landing page. Don’t be afraid to ask your visitors for what you want. The call-to-action has to be dynamic, brief and immensely persuasive. It’s your last chance to close the sale, so make it work.

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