SEO Glossary: What is Keyword Density, Keyword Proximity and Keyword Prominence

In this blog, I am going to explain the three hot topics of Search Engine Optimization field; Keyword Density, Keyword Proximity and Keyword Prominence. These three terms are especially important for content optimization; which is the backbone of SEO industry. Writing content is not that tough but writing an optimized content is really thing of thinking. Here I will explain you the exact meaning and use of  Keyword Density, Keyword Proximity and Keyword Prominence in a content.

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  • Keyword Density:

Keyword density is an important aspect of the search engine optimization (SEO) process. Once you’ve completed keyword research for your website and have collected a list of keywords, you must consider how you will use those keywords.

Keyword Density is the simple term which refers to the number of occurrence of a keyword in a particular content. It should be 1 to 3% according to your content. If it is more than 3%, then your content should not be considered as reliable. It plays a major role in content optimization. It helps Google in indexing the web page of your website in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

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Formula for Calculating the Keyword Density is:

Keyword Density = (No. of keyword / Total no of words) x 100

For example, if your website or piece of content has 1000 words in length and you have used your keyword 25 times, the keyword density for that keyword will be

Keyword density = (No. of keyword / Total no of words) x 100

= (25 / 1000) x 100

= 0.025 x 100


Keyword density = 2.5%

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  • Keyword Proximity:

A keyword is a combination of words and a phrase is the combination of keywords. Keyword Proximity is an important part of content optimization. It refers for the distance between words of a keyword in a phrase.

Keywords in SEO

I know, it’s little confusing, let’s see an example and then read it again:

Phrase I- Why Content Optimization is Important for Rankings in Search Engine

Phrase II- Why Search Engine Content Optimization is Important for Rankings

Keyword: Rankings in Search Engine

For the keyword “Rankings in Search Engine” Phase I will rank higher than Phase II. The reason behind it is same, “Keyword Proximity”. There are 4 words are in keyword “Rankings in Search Engine” and they all present in both, Phrase I and Phrase II. However, in Phrase I they are closer together in comparison of Phrase II.

So, next time keep Keyword Proximity in mind while optimizing a web page, sentence, TITLE or META tag.

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  • Keyword Prominence:

The concept of keyword prominence is simple “Prominent Keywords First”. Everyone has some important keywords for its business website. So, we recommend you to put your important keywords first in Title, Meta or Web content.

If we write our content, title and meta description by using the concept of Keyword Prominence and Keyword Proximity and maintaining a good Keyword Density then we do not need any SEO to get top ranking. Google always gives high priority to a well optimized content in Search engine results rather than thin and spammy one.

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