What is A/B Testing and How to Do It?

You know what, I am a big fan of A/B Testing which is also called split and bucket testing.

Nothing is ever perfect. There’s always a room for improvement.”

I love to participate in website test, software test, email test with my testing team and I love performing A/B tests. I got an opportunity to test a number of different elements on our new client website and mobile application. It was an amazing experience for me and I am excited to show you how to do A/B tests for delivering a successful project. In this article, I am going to share my own personal experience in A/B Testing.

Do you have any slightest idea about A/B Testing? If not, then there are plenty of introductory posts for you below.

What is A/B Testing?

For the folks who may not know and also for those who performing, A/B testing is a technique of testing that helps you test a hypothesis about human behavior. A/B testing can be as simple as the reciting the alphabet. It is one of the most popular tests and, of course, a great way for optimizing something that’s already built. A/B testing sometimes called split testing. It is mainly used to compare two versions of a web page to ensure which web page performs better.

AB Testing

What can you Test?

Almost Anything, however, what to test is something that depends on your goals. If your goal is to increase the number of sign-ups, then you need to test the signup form. Even though every A/B test is unique and you can test following elements:

  1. The Call to Action
  2. Headlines, Sub Headlines, Product Description
  3. Forms Fields, Form Types
  4. Website Design and Layout
  5. Product Pages
  6. Images
  7. Test, Content on Web Page
  8. Website links, Internal and External links
  9. Social Media Buttons
  10. Clients Testimonials

Advanced Tests

Advanced test can include the following elements:

  1. Pricing Structure
  2. Sales Promotions
  3. Website Navigation
  4. Free and Paid Delivery
  5. UX Experiences

Why do A/B Test

Creating a great website or delivering a best website and apps should be a reason enough for us to start an A/B testing. Here are a few other benefits you can expect to see:

  1. Increased Revenue
  2. Reduced Clients Disputes
  3. Satisfied Clients

A/B Testing Process:

The Following is an A/B testing process you can use to tests:

Collect Data: First of all, it is essential that you collect adequate data for you to test the app and then research where Web or App is lacking behind. Your analytics will often provide insight into where we can start optimizing things. Look for pages with low conversion rates or high drop-off rates and then try for improvements in them. It is wise to begin with high priorities sections.

Identify Goals: Goals can be anything from clicking a button, link to product purchases and e-mail signups. Track your current goals and set your new goals to be achieved. On the basis of Goals draft the strategy accordingly.

Create Variations: Create different variations of the page by changing the colors, position of a button, rotate the order of elements on the Web or App, make changes into navigation elements if that works, or complete custom change.

Kick off your Experiment: Run the experiment and wait for users to take part in A/B testing! Measure the visitor’s experience & interaction and compare it with other page. Determine how each performs. Note: By running a small ad campaign, even as low as $50, you can send hundreds of visitors to your landing pages to collect the desired data.

Lastly Analyze Results: Once everything done. It’s time to find out the results. If you find a positive result (increment in sales or user engagement) from A/B testing. Congratulations!! If not or no conclusion, don’t fret. Treat this as a learning experience and prepare new strategies for next time.

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