Top Lead Generation Strategies for Your Growing Business

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If, you would ask to me that what is the most essential goal of social media in business context? Then, I would say “Lead Generation”. However, in today’s competitive world; it is very tough to target your prospective audience without shouting or spending money. In this way, you can ruin your Online PR which can affect your business.

But, Social Media is the only option which can help you to get leads from your targeted audience. Here, I’ll tell you how you can leverage social media in Lead generation:-

  • Join the Social Communities: -

Since, Social networking sites are the only platform where same interest of peoples gathered and share their knowledge. So first of all, you have to join some social communities related to your business, where you can find the peoples of common interest. By which you will come in touch with some expert of your field. You can share your ideas with them and take advices related to your business.

  • Content: -

Content is the backbone of social media marketing and before writing content, first you have to figure out the interest of your targeted audience. To do so, participate in question-answer sessions on different social communities, listen other member’s views and then develop a unique and well written content or eBook for your audience. In process of writing content don’t forget that your aim is to generate leads for your business. So, use call to action (CTA) words in your content and try to make it reader‘s friendly.

  • Promotion: -

After writing content, it is the time to promote it on those sites where your targeted audience visits. It will give your brand more exposure and fame more than never before. Since, you are aware of social media sites and communities, so you can share your article/blog or eBook here.

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  • Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube:-

These social media platforms are becoming popular day by day. These are the sites, where world’s 10-15% population comes every single day. So, it’s a best option for you that you engage yourself on these social sites.  Since, you want to target your audience for lead generation so schedule your timing and post your tweets when your targeted audience comes online i.e. weekends, office hours etc.

By building your followings and encourage your audience to re-tweet, can give your business more success and help you in lead generation.

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  • Blogging: -

Write a blog to explain your services and how you are differ from other service providers of same field. After reading your blog your readers are curious in what to do, so use a call to action link to your service page at the bottom of the your blog or article, and get the magical improvement in your lead generation process.

These are the few points, I shared with you. But the lead generation depends on your network and way of presenting your services in-front of audience or buyers. So, always try to improve your network area and presentation skills.

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