TL900 Headlamp Reviews & Tactical LED Price for Sale Amazon

TL900 LED Headlamp is a wearable gear designed to suit your tactile needs with features like waterproof head unit, adjustable headbands, 4 mode light and many more.


Headlamps serve as a convenient source of light, whether you are on an expedition, camping, hunting, working in a tunnel, exploring some caverns or just in need of bright light. Though there are numerous brands selling their headlamps but when it comes to sturdiness, durability and comfort, nothing can match the TL900 LED Headlamp. A perfect partner to fulfill your lighting needs, this wearable gear is ideal for making your voyages a success. This hands-free device comes with some special features hard to find in any other headlamp. The moment you try this headlamp, you will realize how much superior it is than any other average headlamp.


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About the TL900 LED Headlamp

TL900 Flashlight & Headlamp is the product of Primitive Survivors, the company which is known for selling a variety of best performing outdoor and survival gears. TL900 flashlight is one of a kind in the area of wear able headlamp. This light weight, compactly designed wearable gear is tailored for you to offer you utmost comfort and protection.  This high performance tactile headlamp allows you to take charge of any emergency condition. It has 3 adjustable headbands, one at the top and another two at left and right side so that you easily adjust it as per your conform and needs while going through rough and tough situations. The body of this durable and long lasting headlamp is made from aircraft aluminum. The nylon strap is thick and enough sturdy to go through wearing and tearing for years to come.

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What Features Make it Special?

Primitive Survivors TL900 Tactical LED Headlamp has some interesting features that make it worthy to buy. It has state of the art Cree XM-L T6 LED emitter and 1000-lumen rated light which consumes less battery that any typical bulb and emits brighter lighter than any other bulb you find. With a life span of 100,000 hours, it will accompany you for years on your expeditions and voyages without a fail. Also, it comes with 4 lamp settings – high, low, strobe and SOS. Using this headlamp you can focus the beam at x1, x250, x500, x1000 and x1000 as per the zoom you want. In addition to it, it features the lamp with 90 degree tilt so you find no problem in focusing the beam in the desired direction.


How to Use It

It is very easy to use. Adjust the strap so that it gets fit to your head comfortably and securely. If you wish to wear it over your hat or helmet, first equip those.  The toggle for light setting is at the rear while the toggles for focusing and pivot are at the front. It is a very innovative product and quite simple to get used to.

Where to buy TL900 LED Headlamp?


You can easily place your order for TL900 Headlamp going to its official website through the link provided. On buying now you will be lucky to grab the wonderful discounted offer under which the product can be purchased for 75% off.           

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