Tips and Tricks to Get Google AdSense Approved

Without a doubt, Google AdSense is the best way of earning money through a blog. Google AdSense has a number of advantages over its competitors.

  • It’s the oldest such network with thousands of satisfied customers
  • It always pays on time
  • Many bloggers are already making a living out of Google Ad Sense.
  • The pay rates are better than the competitors

If everything is so good, why is not everybody running AdSense on his or her blog?

Before Google used to give AdSense to everyone blogging using Google BlogSpot, however, soon everybody started running behind them. Consequently, to keep the junk out of the substance, Google made AdSense approval system difficult.

Now, Google AdSense rejects more blogs’ applications than it approves, thanks to stricter Terms of Services (TOS). You make little mistakes and are disapproved every other time.

Typical reasons Google AdSense will block your blog:

  • Insufficient content: Your blog lags content, especially in the form of text.
  • You website contains piece of crap that nobody cares about
  • Copyrighted images
  • Domain Age: It should be at least six month old
  • Pageviews: Make sure this is more than 50/day

Here is some of the content you should add to your website before applying for Google AdSense:

  1. Privacy Policy Page:

Google will disapprove any website without this page without looking inside or putting second considerate. Privacy policy is the first thing Google checks and the rest only if the page present.

The privacy policy is tells the reader authenticity and seriousness of your blog

If you can’t write the policy yourself, you don’t need a lawyer, nevertheless. There are many Privacy Policy Generators online.

  1. About Us Page:

When was the last time you visited a website missing the about us page? This page is as important as the privacy policy for Google AdSense

The about us page normally communicates to its reader telling about the website, and authors on a blog. Without it, your blog will never pass the Google AdSense approval window.

  1. Contact Us Page:

When you write something, the readers are going to have a view about it, either positive or negative. By a Contact Us Page, you’re letting Google know that you care about your blog readers’ views. In addition, in the page provide your professional email address and social profile accounts details.

A simple omission of the page indicates you’re only interested in making money through your blog and don’t give emphasis to the readers opinion.

A small form asking the essential: Name, Place, and email would do the job.

  1. Name/ Email Verification:

You must have filled your name and email address when applying for the AdSense account. Make sure the same name and email address is present in the few of the pages of the websites for authentication. You can mark yourself as the author on the “Our Authors Page” or put your name in a number of pages like the contact pages to help Google AdSense team authenticate the website if the same person who applied owns the blog.

  1. Age Verification:

Federal laws restrict anybody under the age of 18 to make money without the consent of their parents, legally. Google AdSense don’t let under 18s to register. Evidently, minors often report incorrect age in Google AdSense and get in trouble, later.

Google disapprove such accounts without giving legitimate reason. Google somehow knows the exact age and decline the account.

  1. The number of Posts and posts’ length

Well nobody knows the exact figures. Some are being rejected with 400+ blogs while those with 40-50 posts already making money.

Nonetheless, applying after 50 posts with more than 500 words is a safe bet.

  1. Blog Design

Don’t mess it with lots of graphics, creating a clutter. Even a text only blog will work, provided it looks clean, professional with a simple design.

If you’re using WordPress for blogging, choose the theme wisely one that suits the niche of the blog.

  1. The Content:

Keep an eye what you’re putting on your blog. The obvious: porn, pirated, illegal, drugs, etc. won’t be passed. In addition to low quality blogs, frequent blogging in less than 200 words looks like spam to Google.


Getting the AdSense approved is not a big deal if you follow the guidelines and don’t have stakes. Make sure you follow the guidelines.

And if Google AdSense does not approved you?

It’s not the end of the world!

You can employ many other reliable and high paying ads networks on your blog. Since they are not so popular and limited, Google AdSense is in terms of getting approval is not that tough although the revenue is slim. Meanwhile, you can reapply for AdSense approval, which is going to take sometime.

One road leads to many, keep looking

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