The Famous Brands Which Have Animals in Their Logo

Some logo experts says that animals in the logo represent a brand name more precisely. Like “Horse” in Ferrari logo, shows the speed of the car. Let’s see the list of some famous companies logo which have animals in their logo:

1- Twitter:

Twitter Logo

2- Mailchimp:

Mailchimp Logo

3- Firefox:

Firefox logo

4- QQ Messenger:

QQ Messenger

5: Linux-

Linux Logo

6: Zynga-

Zynga Logo

7: Hootsuite-

Hootsuite Logo

8: Apache Tomcat-

Apache Tomcat Logo

9: Github-

Github Logo

10: Bitly-

Bitly Logo

11: Jaguar-

Jaguar logo

12: Porsche-

Porsche Logo

13: Lamborghini-

Lamborghini Logo

14: Peugeot-

peugeot logo

15: Ferrari-
Ferrari Logo

 16: TripAdvisor-

TripAdvisor Logo

17: Puma-

Puma Logo

18: Lacoste-

Lacoste Logo

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