TF*IDF: A New Concept to Improve Your Search Engine Presence

In my previous article, I mentioned about two new terms TF (Term Frequency) and IDF (Inverse Document Frequency). But I couldn’t explain much about these terms at that time so today I will tell you little about these terms.

Do you have a new site and you are doing Keyword Analysis for that site or you already have a site which is ranking well but not converting the goals and not fulfilling your business motive. Then you need to take a break and analysis your keywords more carefully.

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Connecting with your audience with good content is rapidly changing process because of continually updating the search engine’s algorithms. Keyword Density may be an intelligent idea but now it losing its trend. Nowadays, every digital marketing expert focusing on how search engine weight keywords.

How Search Engines Do It?

There are lots of methods for Search Engines to weight a keyword but most commonly is through the Keyword frequency. Now some of us are thinking, “Does the content is that important?”. For those I want to say Yes it is because if a visitor find a good content then he will click on your page. More your content will popular in your visitor more Search Engine gives the weight to your Keywords.

So, TF*IDF feature used to find the weight and importance of every single keyword which you are using in your content. To explain appropriately, lets divide the term in two parts to better understand of the potential of this feature.

• TF (Term Frequency)

How frequently the term is used in a single document. Simply, means that the longer the document will be most frequently the term will be used in it. So the term frequency is calculated by the document length which helps to keep track on Keyword Stuffing.

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Formula to Calculate the TF is:

TF = (Number of time the keyword appears in the document) / (Total number of words in document)

• IDF (Inverse Document Frequency)

This term measures the importance of the specific term for the relevancy of the document within the quantity. However, to factor out certain terms (stop words) such as: “”is”, “of”, and “”the” the calculation needs to scale down the less important terms but scale up the rare ones as follows:

Formula to Calculate the IDF is:

IDF = (Total number of documents) / (total number of terms in document)

For An Example:

You are reading a content of 100 words where the word shoe appear 5 times then

TF of shoe will be 5/100= 0.05.

And suppose there is 12 documents and the words appear 3 times then

IDF of shoe will be 12/3=4.

So, TF*IDF= 4*0.05=0.20

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