SwiftKey Hack: 600 Million Samsung Mobile Phone Hacked Including Galaxy S6 Using SwiftKey Keyboard

Swift Keyboard Hacked

Do you think it’s only you who have access to your pocket device and important contents in it? If you believe so, then you are completely wrong here! Yes, the fear of bugs, spyware, and malware are there to distress your Smartphone. You should know that your mobile is not merely a phone; it’s mainly a mini computer. And similar to any PC, your pocket device is also at risk to internet attacks.

Recently, more than Six Hundred Million Samsung mobile phone operators together with those who are operating Galaxy S6 have been left uncovered to a dangerous security threat. Ryan Welton, a researcher with security firm Now Secure has confirmed this at the Black Hat security seminar in London. The security revelation takes place from SwiftKey Keyboard that comes pre-installed on numerous Samsung phones. In this regard, the mobile specialists say that the keyboard which is not able to uninstall lets hackers get access to your phones very easily.

See How Swiftkey Keyboard Works in Video:

These days, mobile security has become a serious matter of concern, and its fear among the people is increasing day by day. These mobile security threats come in different forms. According to the security experts, mobile phone users on the international level are experiencing more mobile malware assaults than ever before. And in order to recover from such assaults, the users are investing more time and money. With increasingly “Smartphones” being launched on the market every year, people are more likely to switch to the newest models on hand. But most of them don’t reflect on mobile security software for their phones. Why?

Many of us keep our very personal details on our phones. But we don’t think that when these details leak out it would cause a staid blow in either our business or personal life. It is not just about the important contacts, banking details, passwords, messages, but it may also take in more personal things such as pictures as well as videos. And we are very sure that you would not actually want to put all that in danger.

Is your mobile device GPS capable? If your answer is YES, then you need to be alert as you could be at risk. And it in particular becomes more important if you utilize your phone to surf the internet. The fact is that we live in the age where internet connection via mobiles has turned out to be a normal thing. So, it is always suggested to get the mobile security software protection.

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