10 Simple Tips to Increase Google+ Followers & Post Visibility

Unlike other social media sites, Google+ does not provide advertisement option to new pages. It can be a pain not to get popularity only because you do not qualify their standard of having 1000 or more followers on Google+ account. It is especially worrisome for new brands on this Google social networking site since they are new and efficient but cannot advertise themselves to reach out to more people.

Google justifies itself by saying that they want to provide more opportunity to poplar brands who are paying for advertisement. They also mention that having 1000 or more followers’ mean that the user is active on their Google+ profile and post good content thus attracting such huge fan base. Here are ten simple tips to help you increasing your fan base to 1000 or more:

  1. Avoid Buying Fans:

Yes, this is the easiest and convenient option to increase fan base but it is not going to help you a lot. This might just pop up some numbers however to get real value, you will have to go the hard way. Google has a tendency to stick or to enhance those profiles more that have better content and engagement. Buying followers will only give you numbers, affecting the engagement rate. It is not good from SEO perspective as well.

  2. Increase the Visibility of Your Google+ Page:

First make sure that your page is easily findable for your targeted audience. To increase the visibility of your page, add Google+ badge on your website.

Google Plus Badge - Digital Talks

Google Plus Badge – Digital Talks

  3. Post Valuable Content on Your Page:

The regular updates on your page will make you more popular on Google plus. So, make sure that you are updating regularly. The content should be exclusive, descriptive & trusted. You can use your Google+ page like a micro blog and post your own engaging content.

4. Take Help from Google Trending:

Keep your eye on Google trending topics to know, what your users are talking about. It will help you to suggest a viral content for posting. Keep in mind that your topic should be related to your brand page theme.

  5. Post on Optimal Time:

There are many free tools available in market to schedule your post on social networking site. To get maximum exposure and response from your target audience, you have to decide the optimal time for postings. You can use free tools like Bufferapp, to schedule your posts on Google plus, Facebook and Twitter.

Buffer Digital Talks Post Schedule

Buffer Post Schedule

  6. Tag Others in Your Post:

If you are posting content and you know that a specific group of people will show its interest in it, then tag them. By mentioning them in your post you will make sure that they will see your post and since it relates to them, they will also show some interest in commenting, sharing or +1. When someone +1 your post, it will appear on wall of people who are following them.

Digital Talks Google Plus Tagging


  7. Get Followers by Following:

For making friends, you will have to be a friend. It is very simple. In Google+ there is no recognition or brand or user page, you can follow any one and get followed by them. The more you follow and enhance your circle the more followers you will get. Go check out the discovery option to find out the pages, which might be of your interest. Visit the celebrity pages and join circles by following them. It is great to get followers instantly like twitter.

  8. Segment Your Followers:

This is the best feature Google+ has allowing you to segment your followers in different circles and share content with the desired circles. This way you can target different segments of followers without affecting others with your content. If the posts are served only to the interest bunch of users, it will increase engagement and visibility. Also, try to consider the geographic and age group of followers as well.

  9. Use Hash Tag:

Like Facebook and Twitter, Google + also provide the #hashtag feature for users. The Hashtag helps people to find post they are interested in. The Hashtags convert a topic in clickable link. Just write a ‘#’ before your topic to make a Hashtag.

Hashtags Google Plus


  10. Follow Active Users:

Try to follow only active users, and get followed by them. An active user is a good support for your popularity. He will share, comment and like your posts, every often thus enhancing the engagement rate.

All these tips will surely contribute in enhancing your popularity rate over Google+.

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