Top 50 SEO Tools Used by All Online Marketing Experts

It is very tough to understand the needs of Google or other search engines to make your website visible in top position. There are many tools available in market to make SEO easy for you. However, it’s not simple to have command on every tool. Here we are sharing a list of most needed & trustable online marketing tools to make your work easy-

1. Adword:

This tool makes you enable to use advertising feature of Google.

2. Ahref:

You can use the paid version of this tool for complete data analysis and to check the backlinks, anchors etc., which you have created for a website. This tool is also available for free trial.

3. Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool:

Here you can check, which anchor text have you over optimized.

4. Buffer:

Buffer allows you to share your content on social media site at the optimal times and with great visibility.

5. Broken Link Checker:

To check the broken links within a website.

6. C-Class IP Checker:

It helps you to check, class C IP of multiple sites.

7. CopyScape:

Most popular tool to check the duplicate content all over the internet.

8. Character Counter:

Your Meta description should be of 160-165 characters. This tool makes you able to count the characters in a phrase.

9. Doman Age:

SEO folks use this tool to know the domain age.

10. Doc to PDF Generator:

Help to convert a doc file in PDF.

11. Domain Authority Checker:

Domain Authority is the parameter to check the quality of a website. It varies from 0 to 100. This tool helps to find the DA of 1 website.

12. GEO Meta Tag Creator:

This tool creates Geo code to find the Geo-position of a business.

13. Geo Sitemap Generator:

By using this tool, you can generate a Geo sitemap for your site. The work of this sitemap is similar as the Geo Meta Tag.

14. Grammar Check:

Help you to check grammatical and punctuation mistakes in content/descriptions.

15. Google Page Speed Checker:

Here you can check your website pages speed on desktop and mobile. You can also use the tips to website speed.

16. HTML to Text Converter:

This tool makes it easy to convert content from HTML to text format.

17. IP Checker:

It takes the domain name and checks the IP address of a website.

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18. Knowem:

Check availability of your brand name or username on more than 500 most popular social networking sites. It is available in paid version only.

19. KML Creator from Excel Sheet:

If you have all the Geo data in excel sheet and want to convert it in KML file, then this tool will help you.

20. Keyword Planner:

Tool of Google Adwords. Helps you to find business oriented and less competitive keywords for your website.

21. Link Counter:

By using this tool you can count inbound, outbound, nofollow links on a website page.

22. LSI Keywords Researcher:

LSI Stands for Latent Semantic Index. This tool helps you to find most similar keywords.

23. Microdata Generator:

By using this tool you can easily generate microdata for your website.

24. Majestic SEO:

It helps you to get all inbound links, date for your website.

25. No-follow checker Tool:

It helps to find the no-follow links on a website page.

26. Out bound link counter:

Use to count outbound links.

27. Open Site Explorer:

It is a tool of and use to perform competitive link research, explore inbound links, anchor text, and much more.

28. Penalty Checker:

This tool takes the data from SEMrush and check the penalty on a website.

29. Plagiarism Checker:

This tool is free available to check the plagiarized content on a website.

30. ROR Generator:

ROR stands for Resource of Resources. It is a type of sitemap and this tool help you to generate it.

31. Rich Snippet checker Tool:

It is the structured data testing tool of Google webmaster.

32. Robots.txt Checker Tool:

This tool is used to explain your robots.txt file. It also helps you to find the errors in your websites robots.txt

33. Sitemap Generator:

This tool is use to generate all type of sitemaps (XML, HTML, urllist, ROR) of more than 500 URLs.

34. SEMrush:

It’s a paid but most effective tool to analyze your keywords performance and for researching competitors’ ads.

35. Schema Creator:

You can create various types of Schemas by using schema creator.

36. SEOQuake:

It’s more powerful and best toolbar with great features for SEO folks.

37. Text to HTML Converter:

Using this tool, you can convert your text data in HTML format.

38. URL List Generater:

urllist.txt is the another type of sitemap for This tool help you to generate the urllist.txt.

39. URL Submitter:

You can submit your website directly to search engines by using this tool.

40. URL Shortner:

There are many URL shortners available in market like, etc. But, I’ll recommend you

41. URL to PDF Generator:

If you want to generate a PDF a webpage, then tool will convert your URL in PDF.

42. Visual Website Optimizer:

A tool to perform A/B test without knowing codes.

43. Webmaster Tool:

By using this tool, you can check your keyword performance, website indexing, crawl errors, Google messages etc.

44. Wistia:

It offers the SEO friendly video hosting facilities. You can upload up to 3 videos from your free account.

45. Woo Rank:

Woo Rank is the famous SEO tool to create website audits report.

46. XML Sitemap:

You can create a XML sitemap by using it.

47. Xenu’s Link Sleuth:

Xenu is the ugliest SEO tool available on earth. It helps you to extract all the data like page titles, Meta descriptions, keywords etc. from your website. It crawls your website and gives you, your desired data.

48. YEXT:

By using this tool, you can list your business on most popular business directories. It’s a paid tool but you can check the errors in your pre-submitted listings in free.

49. YouTube Keyword Tool:

Use this keyword tool to get the keyword ideas for your video.

50. YouTube Analytics:

YouTube Analytics is used to monitor the performance of a channel and video.

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