Rumored “Whatsapp Plus” to Bring In New Features for Users

You could soon be getting a much broader WhatsApp experience if recent reports indicating the arrival of an ‘enhanced’ version of the popular real time messaging app are to be believed. WhatsApp Plus, the name given to the rumored update is said to have a host of new features previously unseen in the traditional version.

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus

First of all it is not clear as of yet if the new version will be an altogether separate app or simply an update to the existing series of Whatsapp. The upcoming version is said to have customizable themes, new sets of emoticons and file sharing capabilities. This is an important feature as currently Whatsapp does not allow users to share files over a certain size limit.

It has been previously reported that Whatsapp, which was bought by Facebook in a multi-billion dollar deal last year, is being worked on by developers to bring in new features such as voice calls. Whatsapp Plus could be the finished article that we all have been waiting for.

Currently, there are over 700 million people across the world that actively use Whatsapp, sending across 30 billion messages per day, as shared by CEO Jan Koum in a recent social media post.

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