Reddit Removed /r/technology from Default Page to Punish Lazy Moderators

Reddit – The Front Page of the Internet has demoted the /r/technology subreddit from the home page. It was the surprisingly decision of the Reddit. Before it was demoted, the /r/technology subreddit brought more than 15 million unique page views in a month, which was terrific performance among all subreddits. Nevertheless, /r/technology don’t comes in top subreddits.

Technology Subreddit Punished

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Victoria Taylor, Director of Communication of Reddit has explained the reason behind demoting /r/technology. In an interview with BBC, Taylor says that “the moderation team members were losing their focus from the work. They forgot their work is: Moderate effectively”. Taylor also says that “we might consider putting /r/technology back in default subreddit subscription feed and on the home page, if the moderation team proves to Reddit and /r/technology community that they have rectified all the issues with this subreddit”.

As we all know that The Reddit has only 12 developers in its development team, and all the moderation is done by volunteer moderators of various subreddits. The General Manager of Reddit, Erik Martin, also talks about Reddit’s decision of demoting /r/technology subreddit. Martin says that “the moderators have become lazy. They were using the auto moderator system for moderation. We have given them a chance to get back on the top, if they prove themselves

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