Rap Genius is Now Back in Google Search Results

On 25th December 2013, Google had penalized world’s most famous imageslyrics and music site Rapgenius.com, for use of unethical link building SEO strategies. And because of this, you were unable to find it on Google’s search results. After the penalty the search traffic of rapgenius.com dropped by 60%, which was the big concern for Ilan.

Rap Genius co-founder Ilan Zechory said that, “We are thankful to Google for being fair and transparent, we got penalized because we did wrong. However, now we will start a campaign to remove all the spammy links”.

Whatever, on 4th January 2014, after 10 days of penalty now Rap Genius is back in Google results.

rap genius before and After Penalty

So, it was the warning of Google for all the webmasters that don’t try to be over-smart,if you do any thing spammy to earn traffic on your site then Google will surely penalize you, it doesn’t matter who are you and how famous are you.

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Dheeraj Saraswat

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