“OK Google” to Make Google Voice Searches Easier on Android Devices

Now you can talk to your phone. Yeah, I’m not joking, actually Google has made the voice searches easier by the launch of latest Android App. This is the latest update in Google search apps. Google has announced the launch of “OK Google” to make voice searches easy on Android phones or Tablets. There is no need to tap your phone screen every time; you just say “OK Google” to search anything, anywhere.

If you are reading your emails, playing games or using any app, by saying “OK Google” will give the answer of your query and let you take action without touching your phone screen.  So, the next time when you are planning your holidays in Dallas, and searching it on Google Maps, Call “Ok Google” to know the weather in upcoming days.

OK Google

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How To Turn It On?

To turn on “OK Google” on your device you have to make sure that your device has updated version of Google Search app (Android KitKat version 3.5). Now, find the Google Setting option and go to:

Google Settings > Search & Now > Voice > “OK Google” Detection and check “From any screen”

To better recognize your voice and give you desired results for your query Google uses the audio history. You need to turn on Audio History and then say “Ok Google” 3 times.

Menu > Settings > Voice > Turn Audio History to ON or OFF

What You Can Ask Google to Do for You?

  • Set a reminder: If you use Google Now, then set reminder and location eg. “Remind me to attend meeting at 8PM”
  • Set an alarm: Set an alarm in your device eg. “Set an alarm for 6 AM”.
  • Create a calendar event: Use your device calendar to create an event eg. “Create a calendar event: Lunch in Los Angeles, Friday at 1:30PM.”
  • Check your schedule: Know about your day schedule, upcoming flights etc. in Gmail eg. What does my day look like today?”
  • Track a package: You can check the status of your package as “Where’s my package?”
  • Note to self: “Note to self: remember to buy milk.”
  • Go to a website: Open a website in your browser by saying website URL eg. “Go to digitaltalks.info”
  • Open an app: Open app that you use regularly or downloaded on Google Play “Open Google Play”
  • Take a photo or video: Open your camera eg. “Take a picture” or “Record a video”
  • Call a friend: Use the name of person to call eg. “Call Sanjay Maurya”
  • Text a friend: Use the name of person to text eg. “Text Somil Mishra that I’m running 5 minutes late”
  • Send an email: Send the email to a contact or saying the email address eg. “Send email to Rohit Singh, subject, Congratulation, message, I congratulate you for your new job.”
  • Listen to voicemail: Call voicemail so you can listen to your messages.
  • Find contact information: Find the email address, b’day, contact no., address etc. eg. “When is Joy’s birthday?”
  • Post to a social network: Post the status update on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. Eg. “Post to Facebook: I’m going home today.”
  • Play music: Listen musing which you have in Google Music app. Eg. “Play: The Beatles”
  • Identify a song: Find more about the song like title and artist. Eg. “What’s this song”
  • Song lists: Search new songs by artist eg. “What songs does Lady Gaga sing?”
  • Play a radio station: Play I’m feeling lucky music. Eg. “Play some music.”
  • Watch a movie: Watch a movie which you have in Google Play eg. “Watch How to train a dragon 2″
  • Learn more about a TV show you’re watching
  • Read a book: Read a book which you have in Google Play eg. “Read Ender’s Game”
  • Famous people: Know more about famous personalities eg. “Where was Isaac Newton born?”
  • Sports: Get the status of current match eg. “Did the Argentina win today?”
  • Find a movie: Find the show times and theater name nearby. Eg. “Where is Thor playing?”
  • Turn-by-turn navigation: Get direction for your destination eg. “Navigate to Union Square, San Francisco.”
  • Find a place: Find a place you are planning for holidays eg. “Find the Eiffel Tower”
  • Find local business: Find the local business & service providers eg. “Where’s the nearest Mobile shop?”
  • Check the menu: Know the Hotel meny before reaching over there eg. “Show me the menu for Leela Palace”
  • Call a business: Call any business like Pizza delivery, florist eg. “Call Rose n Tulip Florist.”
  • Plan a trip: Plan your holiday tours eg. “What are some attractions in Tokyo City?”
  • Time: Know the current time of any place. “What time is it in New York?”
  • Weather: Know the current temperature of any place. “What’s the weather in Cape Town”
  • Translate: Get translation for words or phrases. Eg. “How do you say ‘Thank You’ in Dutch?”
  • Dictionary: Get the definition of any word eg. “What does Rectifier mean?”
  • Calculate tip: Calculate the tip at Hotel eg. “What’s the tip for 120 dollars?”
  • Finance: Get the current stock prices in Market eg. “What’s Google’s stock price?”
  • Conversions: Convert currency, weight etc. “What’s 16 dollars in Rupees?”
  • Math: Solve your math problems eg. “What is the square root of 2209?”
  • Events: Know the upcoming Events. eg.”When is Diwali?”
  • Images: Search a Picture eg. “Show me photos of the Golden Temple.”

Total 9 languages support “OK Google”. You can see the list of supporting languages:

  1. German
  2. English (now supports all accents / dialects)
  3. Spanish (Spain and Mexico only)
  4. French
  5. Italian
  6. Portuguese (Brazilian only)
  7. Russian
  8. Korean
  9. Japanese

OK Google” is rolling out and will be available for most Android devices running Kitkat in few of days. Currently, it is available in US for English speakers.

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