No Need to Use Your Real Name on Google Plus

I do not know, is it a good news or bad news that Google plus is going to disable real name enforcement feature. It means from now you can use your nick names, business names as your profile name on Google Plus.

In a post on Google plus, it has wrote that there is no need to show your identity while you are using Google plus. Unlike Facebook, Google plus will allow you to use the names you are identify by in your friend circle or in business like Gamer Tag, Hacker Name etc.

Why It Is Good News?

You will not need to use your absolute name to create a profile on Google plus. So, if you want to become famous by your profession then choose your name related to profession and create a profile on Google plus. The people will start calling you by your professional name. For example if you are a hacker then use your name: “Hacker One“.

These types of names will help you to search people easily. If your name is on your profession, then it will be easy for people (who wants to hire you) to search you.

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Why It Is Bad News?

It is a bad news for those people who love real name enforcement. It will let people allow to create fake identities. And how can you add, follow or talk to a person who has a weird name and you don’t even know his/her real name. So, this is rally a worst idea and bad news for genuine Google Plus users.

According to Google plus, “This change in our name policy will help those people to add our community who want to join us without using their real name.” There’s still a limit on how often you can change your name. After changing your name you have to wait for three months to change it again.

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How to Edit Google+ Profile Name?

After all this changes in Google real name policies, if you want to change your name, then follow below mentioned instructions:

For Desktop Users:

Go to your profile> click on your name> Edit you name> Save

Google Plus Name Edit

Desktop View

For Android Users:

Go to your profile> Click the Menu Icon> Edit name & fill your desired profile name> tap on Save button

For iOS Users:

Go to your profile> touch the Gear icon in the upper right corner > Edit name and fill your desired name> tap on the Save Button

What if I have only one word name?

If you want to use single word name to show on Google Plus profile. Then there is a simple solution of it:

  1. Write your name as your first name.
  2. Write “.” in your last name.

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After 3 years Google Plus is going to change its “Real Name” policy. We hope this change will help Google plus to add some more profiles here.

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