The Biggest Myth of Software Testing

Software testing is an important phase of SDLC. It measures and advances the quality of developed software. But people having so many myths about software testing. It is surprising that people still think that it’s possible to test software completely.  There are so many inputs, data, path to test and it’s impossible to test everything.Software Testing

Testers have limited period of time to finish testing before product go live and it’s impossible to find all the bugs in a limited period of time. Due to the time limitation sometime testers escapes an important bug or find it late.

In general, software can’t be bug free as it has to be run on different machines and OS/Browsers combinations which are often updated and it’s not easy to test the software periodically on such changing combinations.

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Somil Mishra

QA Engineer at QA Infotech
This post is contributed by Mr. Somil Mishra. He works at QA Infotech India, as a software testing engineer and loves to share his experience through blogging.