Matt Cutts Tips: What Happens When a Page Has Two Links to the Same URL?

In the recent webmaster help video, Head of Google’s Search Spam Team, Matt Cutts, has given the answer that how link juice will flow, when a page has two links, pointing to the same page.

Mr. Damien from London asked a question to Matt Cutts that “What impact would two links on a page pointing to the same target, each using different anchor text, have on the flow of PageRank.

Matt Cutts replied, both links will be treated as individually. Therefore, if a page has two links and both pointing to the same target page, then that target page will get benefit and would get twice as much PageRank.

Now the second question of Mr. Damien was, what happens when both links have different anchor texts and pointing to the same target? To give the answer of this question, Mr. Cutts said, if both the links have different anchor text then, this is not going to affect the PageRank.

In this video, Matt Cutts also talks about Google’s link extraction system. He says that Google uses a link extraction system to extract all links and respective anchor texts from a page and then fix them to the related document. This link extraction system may select either one link or a number of links or all links from a particular page. Matt has taken the example of year 2009 that, this was the time when Google only considered the anchor text from first link only. But, the time has been changed now.

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