A Pictorial Presentation of The Life of An IT Employee

Here we have tried to share some common moments, which come in everybody’s life. And if you belong to IT Industry (Programmer, Tester, Online Marketer, Blogger), then definitely you will find yourself in these images.

1.  Your first reaction after getting a new assignment



  2. When you find the answer of your question, which you were searching from a long time



  3. When the code which you have implemented, doesn’t work properly


4. When a new employee quickly finds the solution to the problem, on which we were fighting for a week



  5. When you lost your unsaved data because of sudden power cut.



  6. When you start your work from the beginning



  7. At last, when you completed your task after a lot of hard work



  8. When you tell your boss that the work has been done



  9. When you get a mail that your salary will be delayed for this month


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Dheeraj Saraswat

Online Marketing Consultant
Dheeraj Saraswat is the Chief Editor of Digital Talks and author of this post. He is a tech savvy writer and IT researcher. He has 5+ yrs. of experience in Digital Marketing. His expertise in online marketing field, inspires him to write about latest news and updates. You can follow him on Google+ for latest updates.