Google Adsense Launched A Simplified Version of “My Ads” Tab

Google Adsense made it easy to create new ads for your business. In its official AdSense blog, Google announced that they have updated the My Ads tab in your Adsense account to simplify the process of Ad creation. The change will be applicable from today. After this roll-out, it’s very easy and fast to create an impactful ad unit and you can give more time in ad space optimization.

My Ads Tab

Apart from this, Google also made some changes in user interface for the page, and make it easier to navigate. Google will highlight the potential impact of every ad, when you will choose a new ad unit. After choosing a desired ad style you can apply it immediately, to make it visible all over your site, instead of changing individual Ad unit level one by one.

Adsense New User Interface

Google has also made some changes to the default color palette for text ads. The link color will now appear in light gray instead of green color. However, this roll-out will not cause any changes to way existing ads appear on your site.

Creating new ad units

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