Latest Updates on SEO – What Every Optimizer Needs To Know In 2015

We are midway through 2015 it is time for some reality check on the SEO strategies that digital marketers have implemented in the past six months. While some have paid rich dividends others have outlived their utility. If you browse through the SEO articles and news you would come across several success stories on how optimizers have added to a brand’s online equity using well-baked strategies and implementing them flawlessly. So what are the latest updated on SEO and how you can add that extra bit of spark to your SEO campaign? To know these and much more read on…

SEO update 2015

# Mobile Optimization Stands At Top

The overwhelming popularity of smartphones and tablets as the preferred medium to browse the Internet has changed the rules of the game completely. 2014 was a watershed year for the SEO industry as 60% of all traffic originated from mobile devices. While many optimizers had initially ignored the mobile users but doing this would be like writing an obituary for the website. Responsive websites which are optimized for the mobile devices are ranking high on Google and other search engines and this is where your focus should be.

# Being Choosy With Keywords

When Google came up with Penguin and Panda updates some people read it as a deathblow to keyword based optimization. It was a bit amateurish as keywords continue to drive traffic to websites but yes the days of ‘keyword stuffing’ is definitely over. It has thus become very important for optimizers to choose only handful keywords for site optimization, the lesser the better. Remember search engines don’t care about the optimizers; they rather focus on catering relevant and informative content to their users. So you too shouldn’t focus on the search engines, rather focus on the readability of the content and you would get it right.

# Have Some Respect for Writers

Content writers and optimizers have always been in an unhappy marriage without the option to seek a divorce! While the technical guys have always boasted about how their skills drive the traffic, in the new world of SEO, content has become the most important factor driving traffic to a site. As mentioned above most search engines offer great weightage to well written content which are informative and add value to the user’s experience. Thus you need to focus on getting captivating content written around you well-search keywords.

# There is A World Beyond Google

Most search engine optimizers are Google centric and never care to look beyond the search engine giant. In the last two years Google has lost about 20% of its market share where Bing and Yahoo have been the top gainers. While it accounted for 81% of the market share in 2012 it has come down to 63% in 2015 and is expected to further erode in the next few years as Bing and Yahoo give it a tough fight. Yahoo is now the default search engine on Firefox browser and similarly Safari has also dumped Google. As an optimizer you need to start exploring these search engines to drive traffic to your site.

# Increase Site Speed

Site speed became a factor for ranking in 2011 and every year its relevance seems to be increasing and now other search engines are also taking a cue from Google. Though this isn’t talked about much it has been a major factor driving traffic to websites. Users don’t like waiting for the content to load and mobile users holding the device on their hand lose patience faster. You need to optimize the code, graphics and images to make the site load faster.

These tips come in handy while optimizing sites and would continue to pay dividends in the latter half of 2015.

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