Import Google+ Videos On YouTube Using New Uploading Feature

YouTube has added a new feature to upload videos. By using it you can import the videos from your Google plus account to YouTube Channels.

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Most of the persons use Google Plus to share their personal videos in their circle. So, if they have a bunch of videos on Google plus and want to share it with YouTube users then just create a YouTube account with same Gmail email ID and import the Google plus videos here.

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How to Import Google Plus Videos on YouTube Account?

  1. Login to your YouTube account. (Use same Email ID for sign in as in Google Plus)
  2. Go to the right upper corner and click on upload
  3. Here you will get a new uploading option “Import your videos from Google+”
  4. You will get a pop-up on screen. Here you will get the choice to select videos, which you want to import.

You can import one or more than one videos at same time. Here you can also change the title and description of the Video.

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If you are having some trouble in importing Google Plus videos on YouTube Channel, then you can take help of YouTube Video. It will show you step by step instructions. Here is the Video:

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