How to Control Your Android Device from PC?

The Android operating system was built and is maintained by Google, so it is not such as big leap to think that it may be controlled by a PC. After all, Google are geniuses when it comes to programming. Nowadays you can control your Android tablet or Smartphone from your PC and you do not have to go out of your way to hire a programmer to do it. There are lots of uses for being able to control your Android from your PC, so here are a few snippets of advice to help you get on with it.

Why bother Controlling Your Android from PC?

picture22The truth is that a lot of people do it for security. There are apps that you can install into your Android that will locate your phone if you lose it. It will switch on your GPS and show you its location on your PC. There are also apps that allow you to control your Android security from a desktop computer. If you are sure it has been stolen then you can command your Android to wipe its memory. You can also instruct your Android to send you your contacts list before wiping or make it change your access codes just in case someone you know may have it.

Control the Content on Your Phone from Desktop Computer

The other big reason to control your phone or tablet from your desktop computer is just convenience. You can control the content on your device, and maybe even load apps and movies onto it so it downloads whilst at your home (where WIFI will be cheaper than mobile Internet). Plus, if you have lent your phone to your partner and you do not want him to read your messages, then you can control where they are sent to whilst he or she has it.

Download from Websites

Do not forget that the apps which control your Android are quite powerful in the sense that you are handing over control of your device to company. If you pick a company that does not have your best interests at heart, then they may use the information they mine from your phone for criminal purposes.

That is why it is better to download from Google Play, or at least better to check out the company you are about to use before downloading and installing the app. Do not forget that some websites are going to pretend they hold the legitimate app when in fact they are fooling people and giving them an app with malware on.

Below you will find a few ways of controlling your Android from your desktop computer. There are a lot of apps on the market, so this article cannot go through them all.

Check Your Phone’s Compatibility

When you are searching for apps to control your PC, you need to check to see if it is compatible with your phone. There are some apps that are very Android version specific, and downloading ones that don’t work is a hassle.

Respond to Text Messages with AirDroid

This app is good because you can control what apps you download and remove, and you can control what files are added and removed. You can check your SMS messages and then respond to them from your desktop computer. Download the app, sign up with the website and once you are validated then it allows you to control your phone from your PC. You can even listen to the songs that you have downloaded on your phone whilst you are still on your PC.

Work with Unified Remote

It is easy enough to download and install this app. You just have to follow the instructions until you get to the part where you validate your account. Once you have done that then you may start controlling your Android from your computer. It allows you to use their preset remote functions which make watching videos on websites more fun and easier. Or, you can create your own remote settings within the app and then control what you like. All you have to do is connect the phone function to the remote controls you just created.

Use an App Called PC monitor

This is an app you can find on the Google Play website. They check their apps so it is less likely to have security holes in it. You have to sign up for an account with the company that runs the app. You need to create and validate your account, and after following their instructions you are able to log into the website on your desktop computer and start controlling your Android from there.

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