How to Check a Penalty on Website Domain Before Buying It – Matt Cutts

Are you planning to buy a domain for your website? Have you read the instructions given by Matt Cutts before buying a domain? Google’s head of Search Spam has given the answer of a question in the latest webmaster help video. In this video, Matt Cutts talks about how to ensure whether the Domain Name You Are going to purchase is previously penalized by Google?

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The question tossed was:

“How can we check to see if a domain (bought from a registrar) was previously in trouble with Google? I recently bought, and unbeknownst to me the domain isn’t being indexed and I’ve had to do a reconsideration request. How could I have prevented?”

In the answer of the question, Matt Cutts suggest us to confirm the domain in Google search like this:

  • Conduct a search for If you didn’t found any result for this search, then there are fair chances that the domain is penalized.
  • Matt Cutts also recommend you to check the reputation of your domain. To check the domain reputation in Google, type domain name in Google search bar without including the website extension like .com,.info etc. It will help to gather all reviews about your website domain.
  • Cutts also recommend us to look for This website gives you all the full information about the previous versions of your website. It will help you to find the website held spammy content.
  • If you are buying the previously used site, the Matt Cutts recommends us to check its traffic Analytics and search engine webmaster accounts thoroughly, to check for messages and screenshots. There you can check the website traffic overtime and who links the most section.

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Although, if you have already bought a website and found some issues in the domain, then there is nothing to worry about. Matt Cutts advises us to disavow all the links on the domain to start work with clean domain.

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