Google My Business: Latest Insights View for Brands, Businesses & Artists

From today, you can see all your Google business Apps in one place. The Google has launched the latest metrics to see the insight of your business page. The insight metrics helps to you to optimize your social media content and much more.  In its Question & Answer section, Google has told more about Insights for brands, organizations, or artists.

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How to Access Your Business Insights:-

  • Login to Google My Business and choose a business, which you want to manage.
  • Click View Insights at the right side of your preferred App.

Insight has several cards for business owners to let the filter the numerous types of data in insights according to their needs. If you would like to filter the data for more or less details, just check or uncheck the checkbox next to each option.  See the image below-

Insights View Google Plus

How to Filter Data in Google+ Insights?

At the right upper corner of your card, you can change the date range like last 7 days, 30 days etc. It will help you to analyze your business page more effectively.

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The insight page has three options:

    1- Visibility:-

It will show you that how many times your page and its content were viewed by audience. By default, it will show you all time data in a graph, but you can set it according to your needs. It creates a graph for post views, profile views, photo views.

    2- Engagement:-

It option shows three types of data-

  1. Action on Post: It shows the type of actions performed by users on your posts. It can be comments, shares, +1 data which used to analyze action on your Google Plus posts.
  2. Recent Post: Here you can see your recent posts, total views on each post, etc.
  3. Average Action by Post Type: It shows you that which types of posts (Text, Video, Photo, Links) on your page are attracting more users and they are performing some action like +1, share, comments on these posts.

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    3- Audience:

Here you can know more about your business audience. This option shows three types of data-

  1. Followers: It shows the number of new followers of your business page. Here, you can know the exact date on which you got a follower.
  2. Followers by Country: This feature of My Business shows country wise list of followers. These insights need at least 200 followers of your Google+ page.
  3. Gender & Age: It divides your followers in gender and age. These insights need at least 200 followers of your Google+ page. You can use this option to divide your total audience in by their genders.
Insight Views Google+

Insight Views Google+

Note: - Insight data is not updated in real time. It can take up to 48 hours to refresh the data on your dashboard.

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