Google News Publisher Center – Manage Your News Portal Here

In its latest post, Google has announced the launch of new portal to help news publishers for managing their site within Google news. By using Google News Publisher Center, you can update news on Google News database which will help reader to find best and diverse news on the web.

Why We Use Google News Publisher Center:

Google News Publisher Center

Google news publisher center is a web tool to help publishers for updating the latest news on Google News database. In another case, if you added a new section in your site then Google boat will take time to crawl this. By using this tool you can let Crawler know about this section and force it to index the new URLs. It will help to make your website news as fresh as possible.

Getting start with Google News:

  • Your site should be verified on Google Webmaster Tool.
  • Update your news site details, including changing your site name and labeling your publication with any relevant source labels (e.g., “Blog”, “Satire” or “OpEd”). By labeling, you help Google News to classify your website content. For example, use OpEd lablel if your publication provide opinion based articles/blogs.
  • Update the section URLs, if you have changed the site structure or adding a new section on your site (For Example, if you are including a new section such as or
  • Give a specific name to all sections of you site like “Education”, “Health” etc.

This tool will help publishers and Google News to work together and provide most recent information first on Google News.

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