Google Added “Online Contacts First” & “Pin to Top” Options in Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts Update

Google Hangouts is the Google’s messaging and video chatting platform launched on May 15, 2013. Here you can chat with your family, friends etc and can send them instant messages online.

Now, Google has decided to make some significant changes in it. A post on Google+ by Gmail which unveils the new features and announced about them with an image. These changes were requested by users and Google is going to implement them in few days.


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Google is going to implement the following changes.

  • Google Hangouts New Tab: The online friends in your chat list will appear first, followed by offline friends. Moreover, you can still send the message to your offline friends and they will get it when they come online via PC, Phone or Tablet. This feature was already in Gtalk. But don’t know why they removed it from Google Hangouts in initial.

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  • You can now pin your favorite chat members on top of the list. Pin to top the contacts (family, friends etc. ) which you like the most in your chat list. Click the arrow next to the contact and select “Pin to top” option.


Pin Contacts Hangout

These two changes will make Google Hangout more users friendly. It’s took Google around one and half years to bring these features back.

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We hope that Google will make some more changes in future as “status update bar like gtalk” and Google Hangouts must show, “whether a contact is online via phone or computer”.

If you are not using Google Hangout, then try it today. Go to the chat setting and click “Try the new Hangouts”.

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