Facebook to Launch Business Social Networking Site “Facebook At Work”

It has been reported that Facebook Inc is working on a new career social networking site “Facebook at Work“. This website with iconic blue and white theme allow users to keep their personal profile separate from their corporate profile.Facebook at Work

The new website that very much resembles with the current site, allowing users to read the newsfeed, share information, send messages, connect with professional contacts, chats with colleagues and post current news about their products, services or company. It will also feature collaborative tools for work on shared documents. “Facebook at Work” will completely different from the existing site and will compete with professional networking sites like Microsoft Corp, LinkedIn and Google Inc.

This social networking website will prove to be very beneficial for new, small and medium sized companies in making business networks, finding financiers, conveniently connect with their professionals and come to know about latest business ideas.

It has been reported that, Facebook employees are internally using this website for work. The company is said to build this network with a hope that employers will allow their employees to use “Facebook at Work” during the working hours.

This service is believed to be free of charge initially. However, the launch of this social networking site is not declared till date.

Facebook was established as a social networking site in 2004. In a business report in September this year, it has expanded its client base to 1.35 billion active monthly users all across the world.

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