Facebook News : New Video Metrics are Coming Soon for Deeper Insight Views

Facebook team always tries to make it more convenient to users. Facebook has publicized that latest video metrics in page insights and ads reporting is coming in few weeks. After this rolled out, it will be easy for page admins to better understand that how peoples is responding on their video updates.

This update will allow you to observe the total no. of video views, unique video views, average duration of the video views, audience retention, total video reach (organic/paid) etc. It will help you to appreciate the interest of your audience and find out how to create and promote a more effective video on FB.

Have a look at upcoming new video metrics:

Video Stats

Upcoming Look of Video Metrics

In its latest blog, Facebook has announced that, “we’ll give you an idea about both the total number of video views and the number of people who watched your video. A “video view” is defined as a view of three seconds or more and will appear for all videos, including those that come to life as people scroll through News Feed. We’ve also renamed the “video plays” metric “clicks to play video.” These register after a person has clicked to play a video and it has started.”

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Image Courtesy : Facebook Newsroom

Best and Worst Part of Your Video

The audience retention graph will show you the level of interest in various parts of video. It will make you know that which part of your video grabs the attention of audience while a dip in the graph will show you the weakest point of your video, where audience lost their interest in it.

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Data Breakdowns Feature

The “data breakdowns” feature in Ads Reporting will help you to recognize, how specific audiences responded to your videos. For example, if you have targeted females of age between 17 to 30 in your campaign then, the data breakdowns will show you the total no. of views, you received for this demographic.

Ads Reporting View

Ads Reporting View

After this update, it looks like Facebook wants you to directly upload/share/promote videos on it rather than using third party sites like YouTube, Dailymotion etc.

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