Facebook Lite Android App: Now Easy to Run FB on Slow Speed Internet

Facebook LiteFacebook is 3rd largest country in the world after China and India. Many People can’t stay far from Facebook for long time? And if you also can’t control yourself to share everything to your friends through Facebook and worrying about the poor network while traveling and missed Facebook in remote area?  Then there is a life saving app for you. Recently Facebook has announced its Facebook Lite Android App in India.

What is Facebook Lite?

There will be a question in your mind, “What this app for?” It’s a Facebook’s Standalone app which is a simplified version of mobile website specially designed for low-network area. This app is specially designed for 2G network and poor quality internet network.  Facebook officially launch  Facebook Lite App in India and Philippines.

In a meeting, the Manager for Facebook Lite, Mr.Vijay Shankar has told that, “This App is already available in countries across Asia and also will soon going to cover the parts of Latin America, Africa as well as Europe.” In many of those nations, individuals still use 2G networks, which are much slower as well as have less power than 4G networks in established countries.

The app makes use of less than half of a megabyte of data to restrict information use and prices for those in emerging markets. While it still sustains Facebook’s Information Feed, standing updates, notifications and also photos, it does not support videos and advanced area services. All gadgets running Android 2.2 as well as greater are assisted.

Hope now you can enjoy Facebook anywhere any time !!

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