Facebook Has Given the Answer of Top 5 Questions About Page Updates

Facebook has announced about the page updates. Since announcing, they have received many queries of page Admins and Webmasters that, how the business page will look and where will the apps appear. In a blog on Facebook, they have given the answer of top 5 questions, which they heard most frequently.

 1. What information will appear in the left-side column of my Page?

The appearance of left-side column of Page will depend on your business category, and it will vary from business to business.
For those businesses that operate primarily online, the left-side column will show: likes, photos, videos, business description, posts to Page, apps (if relevant) and the Pages your Page likes.

* The Page Admin will soon be able to rearrange the order in which these sections appear in the left-side column.

 2. Where will my apps appear?

Apps can be appeared on two locations, either in the left-side column or in the top navigation menu. As mentioned above, you can rearrange the appearance order of Apps very soon.Facebook Apps Apprearance

 3. Where can I view messages?

You can view the messages in two positions, either on the top of the page (in Activity Tab) or in This Week box, in the right side of the page.

Facebook message Apprearance

 4. Will other Pages know I’ve added them to my Pages to watch list?

Yes, Admin of that page will receive a notification, whenever another page added their page in its watch list. However, the name of the page will not be disclosed in notification.

 5. When will I have access to the updated design for Pages?

In the next several weeks, you can see the new updated Facebook page designs on your own page too.

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