Facebook Ask Button to Ask The Relationship Status from Your Crush

If Google is the father of Internet, then Facebook is the Mother of Internet users. Facebook understand the need of its users and always try to make them happy at anyhow. This time Facebook brings a new ask button, next to the unfilled part of your profile.

Facebook Ask Button

The use of this asks button depend person to person. The big thing comes when the ask button appears with relationship status. It’s a new way for people to ask the relationship status from their crush. The ask button only visible when he or she has not updated his or her status. The profile user can’t see this button. The ask button will only be appear for your profile visitors.

Facebook Ask Button How

So, if you have a crush on someone and want to ask her for coffee from a long time, then this button makes it easy for you. By clicking on this button, you will send a message to the person with your personal feelings. The only condition is the person should be in your friend list.

Facebook Ask

After this all done, the profile owner will receive your request message with list the relationship status. Since, the Facebook respect the privacy of every user, so if the profile owner don’t want to show his/her status publically then it is fine. The profile owner has another choice; he or she can make the relationship status visible to only those who are asking for it.

Facebook Relationship Status

The relationship status can also be useful for marketers. The people that have their relationship status listed on their profile, the easier it is for marketers to target by it. Because, people in relationships often look for different products than single people.

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