Dropbox Unblocked : Now Accessible in China

Since 2010, Dropbox was blocked in china. Blocking Dropbox was the part of Chinese government anti-competitive strategy. Because they did not want people to share the political sensitive information Via Dropbox. That is the only reason that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Slideshare is still blocked in china. Before Dropbox, Tencent was the only company which was providing cloud computing in china. Tencent start offering storage of upto 10 TB data in free. Tencent is best known company outside the Asia for owning WeChat and provides cloud storage services named Weiyun available in U.S. also. Weiyun can create a challenge for Dropbox, Box, and SkyDrive.

Dropbox in China Digitaltalks

However, It’s good news for Dropbox users that they can access it in China also. But, the Chinese government could block the access of Dropbox in china any time (Google Drive is still blocked).

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