Launches a New App to Make Internet Accessible for All without Using Data Plans

The internet is the fastest and secure medium to connect people, share files, knowledge etc.  However, one out of three people access the internet. The reasons behind this are:

  1. Expensive devices
  2. Expensive Data plans
  3. No mobile network
  4. Lack of awareness
  5. Websites aren’t in local languages
  6. Powers sources are limited

android app


(See also: How to See The Locked/Non-Clickable Facebook Profile Picture in Full Size?) is an organization which is working to make internet and data-plans affordable for all. On its official blog, has announced about the launch of a new Android App. By launching such awesome App, they are trying to make internet available in everybody’s hands. This app will make the internet accessible for all and help to bring more peoples online. App will facilitate you to browse useful information related to health, employment etc. without any data charge. The App is exclusively available for Airtel subscribers in Zambia. After successful response from Zambia, they will launch this Android app all around the world. Through this app the Airtel users of Zambia can access below mentioned internet services:

  • AccuWeather
  • Airtel
  • eZeLibrary
  • Facebook
  • Facts for Life
  • Google Search
  • Go Zambia Jobs
  • Kokoliko
  • MAMA (Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action)
  • Messenger
  • Wikipedia
  • WRAPP (Women’s Rights App)
  • Zambia uReport

The Zambia Airtel users can access above mentioned services in the Facebook for Android app or within the Android app. Hope this app would help to connect more peoples through internet. If all goes right in Zambia, then will roll-out it in other countries of Africa, Europe, Asia where same data affordability problem exist.

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You can download Android App from

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