Content Marketing : “The Right Way to Do It”

From past 2 years digital marketers are concentrating over content marketing without even knowing how it is effecting the business. You guys are doing hard effort ,give it a static direction and do it right.

Content marketing is not about just shooting the content that is promoting your business.

Content Marketing in SEO

Lets think from a user view. “Why should someone read a blog where only thing present is praise of a business.” So think before you create. Don’t go blind in market with posting any thing that comes to your mind.

Here are few steps that you should concentrate over before doing content marketing.

  • Select your Target Audience
  • Check out what is trending in market related to your business.
  • Try to find topics that are out there and had not been answered by any one.
  • Don’t go blind do research before you write something.

Once you have settled up and know what to write. It’s time for you to start. Creating some great content that will keep the user engaged takes time so don’t rush.

So Now you have the content with you and its great according to you.

The Bigger question where to post it ????

This is where most of us get confuse. You have written a great content, So don’t post it on some shitty sites that are of no use. Try to contact some big players in market For eg. Bloggers, Reviewer, Journalist etc.

Ok, So now you know who you have to approach to get your article posted.

What most of us do is send them the title of blog and ask them for a link straight away. Never do it like this other wise the person you are targeting is not even going to see your email and all your hard effort will get into their trash mail.

So, How do we do it??

Write an email to them. Put a little about your self and then put links of some of their posted articles related to your niche and tell them that they have helped you in many ways and after reading them you got inspired and have written this article and ask them to check it out and if it is possible to put that article onto their board.PS: Don’t ask for a link back to you. yet

If your article suits their need and meet their criteria they will for sure revert to your email and will ask you about it. Once they have shown their interest. Now its your turn to play the link card. Provide them the article and ask them if they can give you a link back as well. (Don’t beg) and in 99% cases you will get the link.

Try these basic tips and do the content marketing right way. These tips are helping me and I have got links from various big sites.

Now, Its time for you to grab the links. 

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