Best Uses of Social Networking Websites to Drive Traffic for Your Business

If, you gonna ask to Mr. Zukerberg that why he has created the Facebook which comes in world’s most popular networking sites, then I think he will give you the answer “To connect peoples around the world”.  However, the uses of are changing from many aspects. Now, the question is that “how can we use these social networks effectively to promote your business online?” If we know the best use of every large social network, then it is the most effective way to gain exposure for your business and products.

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See, the most famous social networking sites and their uses –


When we talk about social networking sites then first thing, which comes in our mind is Twitter and Tweets. It’s obvious, because in present days, Twitter is the most-used social networking site, and we all are addicted to it.  Therefore, if you want to use it for the promotion of your business, then follow the tips given below:-

  1. Use niche #HashTag with your tweet. It is the best method to spread your tweet on all around the world.
  2. If you are tweeting a link, then use an attractive, short and provocative title with it.
  3. Try to give a taste of your blog in your tweet. You can use a quote that gives a flavor of your content in blog.
  4. Use statics and references in your tweet as “Did you know? In 2013, XYZ product was the most selling accessory according to ABC Magazine”
  5. Use @username to connect directly with your customer, follower or anyone on twitter.
  6. Ask your followers to retweet your tweet. This is the best way to drive traffic on your site.
  7. Use embedded code of every tweet on your website.
  8. Ask questions in your tweets, to increase engagement of your followers.
  9. Include your website link in your bio.
  10. Tweeting about the offers can drive even more traffic on your website.

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Best Social Networking Sites - Digital TalksFacebook:-

Do you have any objection? If I say that “The Facebook is the king of the social networking world.” However, only few percent of peoples knows the real power of Facebook for business promotion. If you are expert of Facebook marketing, then you can generate 30-40% of traffic on your site from Facebook -

Same as twitter-
  1. Use content related #HashTags because it is the coolest trick if you use it properly.
  2. Use @Mention to connect users.
  3. Use embedded code of your posts on your website.
Apart from this :-
  1. Create a Facebook fan page to promote your business brand, also called Facebook Listing.
  2. Post product images to attract your targeted audiences.
  3. Join your product related groups to understand the demands of your customers.
  4. Use paid Facebook Ads for early effects.
  5. Try to post viral content in your posts.

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Google Plus:-

If you are not using Google plus for your business promotion, then it means you are missing millions of eyes to your website. When Google says that “Now they are also giving priority to social links” then basically it is talking about Google plus profiles. However, to drive traffic your profile/Business page/website you have to follow few things:-

  1. Create a business page for your company. It’s simple and similar as Facebook fan page.
  2. use your business keywords in taglines and introduction on your business page.
  3. Google allow you to connect your Google+ profile with other social networking profiles. So, add the links of your other profiles like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. in your G+ profile’s about section.  (Profile>About>Other Profiles).
  4. Google allow you to create different circle for different groups, which is really cool.
  5. Posting regularly about your product is bad habit. So, post something interesting related to your business apart from products.
  6. Mention your website in your Google plus profile. (Profile>About>Contributor to)
  7. Like Facebook and Twitter, Google+ also gives you facility of #Hashtags.
  8. Set up a Google Authorship Markup, to make your rich snippet attractive in SERP.
  9. Join Communities of your business related, to understand your targeted audience.
  10. Make sure your product page has a Google+ sharing button.
  11. Last but Not least, post your link with brief introduction because posting an update without any introduction does not give any motivation to read.

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When we talk about social networking sites for business purpose, then first thought comes in mind is about LinkedIn. Because most of the people have their linked-in profile and its easy way to connect with your targeted audience.  Now, the things which you have to follow to make your LinkedIn profile attractive and searchable over the network are given below:-

  1. Customize your profile URL with best suited name.
  2. Create business pages for your business and update it on regular bases.
  3. Try to collect as much recommendations on your profile as you can.
  4. Use your original pic in your picture. It will help your friends to recognize you.


I know; it’s not a social networking site, but video promotion is in trend in these days to generate genuine traffic on your website. And the most important that the YouTube is owned by Google, and the YouTube videos appears high in search results in Google SERP. So, if you have any video and want to promote it online, then use YouTube and follow the steps given below:-

  1. Create a channel on YouTube with your business name.
  2. Customize your channel and try to give your users a clean and user friendly look.
  3. Embed the code of your video on various social media.
  4. Use a keyword rich, fancy and attractive title for you video.
  5. Give a brief introduction about your video with some keywords.
  6. Use annotations (Logos and Text Links) in your videos
  7. Create a Viral worthy video because only a viral videos can drive traffic on your website.
  8. Make you videos short and informative.
  9. Don’t forgot to give call to action link of your website in last last of he video.
  10. Use YouTube Insights to know the traffic flow on your video.

Now in the end, connect all the social media networks to maximize the effect of them. You will get this option in your profile section. However, in Facebook you have to use Facebook Apps to connect with other social media networks.

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