About Us

Hey Guys this is the About Us page of Digital Talks where you can know about the Digital Talks, about its author Dheeraj Saraswat and many more.

What is Digital Talks?

Are you passionate about the new technologies, about the Google like what’s new at Google or its updates, about the new upcoming phones? Are you working in Search Engine Optimization field or want to work in it? Then Digital Talks is the website where you can find everything about the new technologies at one place. Digital Talks specially developed where you will find information about new technologies, SEO Tips & Tricks, New Gadgets, every new update about Google/Facebook/Twitter and everything which Matts Cutts share with us.

The only aim of Digital Talks is to spread the each and every information about the new technologies to its reader.

Who Is In Our Team?

Dheeraj Saraswat: He is the admin, founder, blogger & online promoter of this blog. He picks the data from various official news sources and publish it on Digital Talks with full information. He is also the senior editor of this blog and approve the guest posts before publishing it here.

Rohit Kr. Singh & Tarun Koli: These guys handle the development and designing part of Digital Talks. Currently they are working on latest look of Digital Talks, which will make it more user friendly.