7 Most Famous Google Bombs in The History of Google

What is Google Bombs?

Google Bombing is a Black hat SEO practice by which a particular webpage is targeted to rank on first position in the Google’s SERP(Search Engine Result Page) for a certain keyword or Phrase, so that when someone typed that phrase in Google search bar, it brings often amusing or even controversial results.

Here you will see the most infamous Google bombs in the history of Google-

1. Microsoft (More Evil than Satan Himself)

Microsoft Google Bomb
It was the first Google bomb in history, in 1999 search for “more evil than Satan himself” showed up search results for Microsoft.

2. George Bush (Miserable Failure)

Bush Google Bomb
In December 2003, during US president elections, when the web users entering the phrase “miserable failure” into the Google search bar was directed to the US President George W Bush’s biography page of the White House website.

Bush Google Bomb Before and After
Although, Google removed the search results at the time, but it took over 3 years to defuse “miserable failure” Google bomb from the day it was spotted.

Google Bomb back
But in 2013, peoples are predicting that Google bomb is back and now Google returns George W. Bush’s Knowledge Graph in search result for “miserable failure” keyword.

3. French Military Victories (Did you mean: French Military Defeats)


In 2003 Steve Lerner created a Google page that redirect people when they entered “French military victories” and hit I’m feeling lucky on Google’s homepage. The search returned very humorous result “Did you mean: French military defeats” like this kind of thing as French victories don’t exist.

4. Tony Blair (Liar)

Tony Blair Google Bomb
In 2005 for the word ‘liar’, Tony Blair’s official biography appeared on the 1st position in Google.co.uk.
Similarly, for the word “poodle” (‘Poodle’ Meaning : A dog of a breed with a curly coat that is usually clipped) in the British search engine linked results to Tony Blair.

5. Bill O’Reilly (Terrorist Sympathizer)


For the keyword ‘terrorist sympathizer‘, American political commentator Bill O’Reilly’s website began ranking in the top 1 position in 2005.

6. Creed (Worst Band in the World)

Creed is famous rock band of America since 1993 and won the best rock song award for “With Arms Wide Open” in 2001 and favorite rock band award in 2003.  However, unfortunately in 2004 Google search algorithm brought up Creed.com on top of the result for the search phrase “worst band in the world”.

7. Sonia Gandhi (Italian Bar dancer/Girl)

Sonia Gandhi Google Bomb

Last but not least; after Google’s announcement that they have diffused Google bombs in 2007; In 2013, we have found one more Google Bomb for “Italian Bar Girl” and “Italian Bar dancer” keywords. However this time, the most powerful woman of the world has been targeted by bombers and she is none other than Sonia Gandhi (The President of Indian National Congress Party). “Italian Bar Dancer” is the latest Google Bomb of 2014, so you can see it live on Google, just write “Italian bar dancer” in search bar.

So, we can say that Google bomb is still alive, and it’s a big question for Google to diffuse Google bomb permanently.

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