5 SEO Activities for Boost Up Your Business

Its very important to make your business image online if you really want to succeed your business. Online Marketing is like a sea which have many big and small fishes in it like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, PPC, Email- Marketing, and so on. May be SEO is not a shark in this sea but I must say it is Dolphin. Some companies consider SEO is Dead, SEO have no effect and lots of things which may be true but according to me SEO is backbone of Digital Marketing and it always be. Today, I am going to discuss the 5 SEO activities that really can help you to boost up your business

1- Finding out your Target Audience

Most important and very first step is to find your target audience and to find out your potential competitors in your business market. It can be little hactic but with this step you can make your target easily especially if you are new in the market.

For this Industry Analysis Report from Similar Web can really help you to easily understand your impending Target Audience and Competitors in the Market and you can get additional details also.

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2- Keywords Opportunities for Your Website

Some people are thinking this is a time consuming activity but finding out keywords opportunities is helps to focusing on your business SEO process and making profitable as well as feasible goals.

And to do this Opportunities feature Sistrix of can be really helpful. With this feature you can include upto 3 competitors and one main advantage with this tool is you can find out the potential keywords you are not targeting.

3- Maintain TF-IDF in Your Website Content

Now first of all I would like to tell you What this TF-IDF. TF-IDF stands for term frequency and inverse document frequency.


According to OnPageWiki:

With the TF*IDF formula, you can identify in which proportion certain words within a text document or website are weighted compared to all potentially possible documents. Apart from the keyword density, this formula can be used for OnPage optimization in order to increase a website’s relevance in search engines.

Most interesting thing about TF-IDF is that it has been used to index pages and mainly used to find out relevancy of your website.
OnPage.org offers a TF-IDF tool for the on-page analysis, which helps to find out the term variances or combinations that are currently using by your competitors, but still your business is very far from those.

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4- Watch Out Your Site’s Internal Links

Watching yours site internal links helps you to find out from where you getting the links. And to do so you can use “Visualizer” functionality of OnPage.org which not only allow to watch your site link it also allow you to generate internal link graph, filter the number, show the relationship of links, functionalities to browse etc.

5. Collecting All Key Optimization, Link Popularity, Social & Organic Traffic Data

Collecting the site data includes a website’s technical optimization, content, link popularity, current organic search traffic, and search engine rankings, which we used to obtain from different, non-connected data sources is not so easy.You can collect all these data by using

URLProfiler which gives the detailed information about the internal links of your website.

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