5 New Applications Followed in Android Phones

This article needs to consider some of the newer applications provided and available for Android Phones which both serve to delight and benefit users. These are also in terms of security, additional utility features and sync with social media networking that have gained a great deal of importance in recent years. As a matter of fact, social media has contributed in no small measure to the success of Android-based technology and mobile telecommunication.

        1. AVG Antivirus:

AVGThis is a free Antivirus (AVS) app for Android and provides a great many features that secure Android-based phones from a host of viruses, malware and threats. Besides coming to fears of thefts of mobile, this could be secured by enabling Find/Locate Options which could fully secure phone from the possibilities of thefts. It also has access to Google Maps which shares current location of phone. Other important features include arresting running tasks to free up memory, lock and wipe date to protect confidentiality, privacy and security issues and scheduled scans that could inform about several and serious malfunctioning that need to be immediately addressed and attended to.

        2. Data Management through Google Reader:

Google Readers for Android permits reading of news items and feeds in one place. One could read all the latest news, posts and information from popular blogs by simply adding their RSS feeds to Google Reader and it also syncs feeds that permitting it to be read from other devices too.

        3. Better use of Instagram:

This is now available in Android. The best part of this app is that it allows users to apply variety of photo filters and effects after capturing photos within the apps before sharing the same with other Instagram users too. Another important aspect is that it is possible to create photos with Tilt-Shift effects too that has many benefits too.

        4. Viber:

This is another kind of free Android application which facilitates frevibere messages and allows free calls from Android phone to other people who are also using the services of Viber on their phones. These free interactions between Viber users could be continued as long as all parties are Viber-enabled have data or Wi-Fi connectivity. This extends to the domain of free sharing photos and videos through Viber Contacts too.

        5. Facebook and Twitter Social Media Networks:

Facebook for Androids claims to be the official Facebook app that facilitates communication with friends, family and twitter_facebook1clients with the use of phone. Facebook Android App allows sending messages to any friend, or associate on Friends’ List and one could do real time chat too. This app also provides option to update status and photos and also allowing sync of Phone contacts with Facebook friends and also show Facebook data in your Contact list. Coming to Twitter, it is also possible to tweet right through Android supporting phone and also update status instantly. Other functions permissible by Android –based Twitter are Tweets, Retweets, follow option, photo and link sharing and direct message services to your Followers.

Indeed these are just some of the major apps that is supported by Android OS. There are many more and a lot more are being formulated by the Android serviced providing teams. However, it is important that users are not only fully conversant and adept at using these advanced technologies for common good, are ethical and serve for social good ,but also ensure that these does not pose as harmful or detrimental usage, either to themselves, others or both, Android OS must be used for the greater benefit of humans, and not harm them in even the smallest way.

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