5 Biggest SEO Myths and Facts Online Marketers Should Know

With the so called highly acclaimed SEO professionals spreading out the truth of SEO and the secret behind its success, a lot of myths and lies about SEO are spreading throughout the market. As once Google’s SEO spam head, Matt Cutts said in one of his video blogs, if an expert has a secret SEO technique to be successful, they will not share it freely but will earn from it.

SEO Myths and Truths

It is not necessary that if a particular search engine optimization strategy is working for a brand or a popular company, it will be giving out similar results for a not so big business as well. Due to this different in performance on search engine, the small marketers are often left baffled and confused about the real usage of SEO for their business. So to help these local SEO users, here are a list of top SEO myths and the truth about them.

SEO Myths


       1. Claiming Google Listing Is the Only Way to Improve SEO

Fact: If someone is telling you this, do not trust him or her. There is literally no way to improve or boost the SEO. It might work for some businesses but only because they have been taking part in the local SEO strategies as well along claiming local listings. All the functions of SEO should be logical and consistent, if they are not it will not contribute in your boosting.

You should claim local listings since it is your profile page on Google search result. However, you can improve your presence on Google, by working more effectively on your Google+ profile as well as other Google services.

       2. Importance of Meta Tags

Fact: It was the time when Meta keyword was very important for SEO. If you wanted your website in rank, then you would include your keyword in Meta tag. But now the major search engines are not following this tag.

The other tags like Title, Meta description, Meta robots are some important tags to control search engine spiders. However, SEO is “Not All About Meta Tags”.

       3. Links Are Out, Citations Are In

Fact: This phrase might be catching fire in the SEO world, but is it not true and so is the substitution of links with citations. Both of them are necessary in SEO, given the quality of each. If a site has a couple of citations and few links but with good connections, it will rank higher than the one with large number of citations and links but with poor connections. You can still use Spammy links if you are ready to face the adverse effects.

       4. Social Media is of No Use

Fact: Even though social media is growing like never before, still many people think that social media cannot help in SEO. Social media is quite helpful in creating backlinks, hence enhancing SEO presence as well as visibility. If you are active on the social media sites and post good quality content suitable for your business, it will work wonders for your business.

       5. Multiple Domains for One Business

Fact: Many business owners think that by using multiple domains for business they can bring more users on their website. But, it is just waste of time and money which they invest in creation and optimization in website. Having a strong website rather than having  several week sites is good idea. Because only a single large and strong website can beat thousands of week website  in SERP.

Now you have read about these myths and truths related to them, you can easily take positive decisions for your business on search engine.

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