10 Free Online Marketing Tools That Every Marketer Needs To Have

As a marketer you are going to need tools to help you promote and tools to help you research. You are going to need tools that will help you sell and tools that will market your goods on a platform. There are plenty of tools that an online marketer needs, so here are a few of the good ones you can try. There are ten in no particular order.

        1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you to monitoring your website stats. You can see, how your website is doing in terms of raw traffic, search engine traffic and things such as bounce rate etc. This is free and easy to install in your website. You just create an account in Google Analytics, which will give you a code for your website. Put this code in the header section of your site and verify your analytics.

        2. The eBay Listing Tool

Even in it’s stripped down form it still allows you to create great adverts and post them online without any fuss. You can categorize them very easily and adjust them all in bulk or one at a time. You can set them so that creating a new advert will still maintain your earlier settings and the settings that all your other adverts have. It even keeps things such as after sales information on the adverts so you do not have to keep writing it.

        3. Google Alerts

Google Alert help you keep track of trends. It may also help to alert you as to when an article or blog has been released about your products or about your competitors. It is simple tool that has you put in a keyword or two. It then emails you if it thinks there is a match that you will be interested in. it is a tool that helps you keep your finger on the pulse of the online world.

        4. Alexa Rank

With this you may also get a toolbar. The point of Alexa is to rank websites. You may have your website ranked by Alexa and you may learn how to get a better rank as time goes on. Some people will consider your website worthy if it can gain a descent rank on Alexa. It is the same as getting a good Google PageRank.

        5. The Google keyword Planner

The Google keyword Planner help you to showing you, what people are paying for keywords. If people are paying a lot for keywords then it is probably a good idea to do research into them to see if they can work for you. You can also see if there are any of your keywords that are not eligible to run adverts. If that is the case then it may be that your keywords do not generate much traffic. You can come up with more keywords too by using the tool.

        6. Impact Radius

You can use this tool to find out how well your affiliate adverts are doing. It is an easy to use tool that acts as a tracking platform. It tracks your media performance using metrics you can easily read.

        7. Market Grader

It is tool that is going to help show you how far you are getting online. It is actually rather good for working out and analyzing your online progress when it comes to on-page SEO. There are quite a few people who have said they find it useful.

        8. UberSuggest

This is a good tool that helps you summarize suggestions that you may use to do your own keyword research. It is good for summarizing the auto complete and suggestion behavior seen in other countries.

        9. Klout

This is a tool that allows you to monitor your reputation online. You are going to see a lot of bad reviews about Klout because there are bad reviews about all types of reputation monitor. They are not able to follow your genuine reputation because they cannot interpret the data and the things they mine from the Internet. So, it is up to you to interpret the things you see on this tool so that you may judge your own online reputation.

        10. HootSuite

This is a very good tool for the fact that it is not just a Twitter tool. It allows you to link some of the bigger social media site profiles to it and then manipulate them from that single platform. It allows you to schedule posts and to edit things that are written on the social media networks through the tool. You are allowed to add a lot of profiles and access them all through the tool. The tool is very easy to use too.

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